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I'm an East Coast kid and always will be. Born in Manchester, CT...Lived in Andover, CT for the first 10 years of my life. BEST friends there. Blood brothers. Moved to the OH10. Got into skateboarding...Me and my brother, Dallas. Going 6 years strong. I've been sponsored/flowed by BEAST Streetwear, SolSurf, LittlePaw Skateboards, and BlankDecks. Have done many demos, several with Karma Tsocheff and his skateboard company Karma Skateboards Inc., and toured with the Skaters of Christ group. I love anything that brings back the happiest of memories. I love music, photos, taking photos, filming...Any kind of film (not much into slasher, but I can dig it). Devoted Christian...Which means I am far from perfect, but I understand and follow up on bettering myself and helping anyone in need. Anyone. Just get to know me. Hit me up sometime. Let's skate, talk, have coffee...I don't care. Keep it real!
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